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This web page is being updated by Scott Otterson. Any corrections, revisions or suggestions can be emailed to Scott. Site updated 6/5/18

The next Sanitary District Meeting will be held on Tuesday June 12, 2018 6:00 pm at the Town Hall. 

The Cedar Lake Improvement Association will hold it's next meeting on the second Sunday in June 2018 starting at 10am at Flip Flops (formerly the Cedars Resort)


Sanitary District 1 (Cedar Lake) applied in 2016 for a Grant that will partially pay for the replacement of our ten year old Weed Harvester, Trailer, and Conveyor. We received a WDNR grant for 35% of the harvester cost. The new harvester is currently in operation on the lake. The old harvester equipment has been sold with the purchase price money going toward reducing the payments on the new harvester equipment.

Part of the process was to provide an update to our Aquatic Plant Management Plan. We applied and received a 75% WDNR Grant for the update. Part of the update requires a lake user survey to assess the interests of the lake user groups. Another part was a lake survey of it's aquatic plants which has been completed. A completed plan will be added to this web page shortly.

Weed Harvesting Requests can be accommodated by Roger Laack 894-7074 

Per aquatic plant harvesting permit requirements, "weed" harvesting cannot be harvested by our equipment in less than six feet of water. Also the plants cannot be cut lower than one half of the water depth so don't ask Roger to cut in shallow water because he can't by state permit requirements.

Muskrats have caused damage to shoreland, boat wiring and seating, and even automobile wiring of vehicles parked near the lake. A muskrat trapper has been harvesting the animals on Cedar Lake for over 30 years. If you have any sighting of nuisance muskrats, notify Scott Otterson so that he may notify the trapper of their location.

The following link is to a chart showing some of the past trapping results. muskrat-trapping-1

The 2017 trapping has yielded over 188.

Eurasian Water Milfoil found growing in front of the pier at the boat landing

On May 25, 2011 a sighting of EWM prompted the Sanitary District to contact the DNR to determine the proper immediate response. The Sanitary District obtained a Permit to Apply Aquatic Herbicide and the pants were both hand pulled and treated with herbicide. All lake users should become familiar with the identification of the plant and report any sightings to the District representatives. 2012 sightings have prompted the Sanitary District to contact the DNR for additional eradication efforts. 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 treatment by the boat landing  and the big island has been done and notification buoys have been placed.

Several EWM sites were found around the lake late summer of 2017. A  request for a DNR grant to fund a removal program was made and received for a $10,000 grant where the DNR pays $7,500 and the Sanitary District pays $2,500. The removal program called DASH will require a suction pontoon barge and a diver to use a suction hose to suck the EWM plant and roots from the lake bottom. This will occur in early summer with further notification given as we get closer to the actual date.

The DASH program has been effective in early stages of EWM as seen on Cedar Lake. Continued monitoring, hand pulling and chemical treatment will continue as needed.

No Parking Signs have been posted on the roads near the boat landing to reduce the roadside parking hazards. Please take note and notify friends that there will be a $100 fine and towing if they are in violation.

The wildflowers located near the storage building bloomed and provided homes for many interesting butterflies. Nice work volunteers!

Town of Schleswig Sanitary District 1 - Cedar Lake


Current Notes

A report of Swimmers Itch has been received. It is parasite that developes in snails or waterfowl but dies when it penetrates human skin. It is most commonly found nearshore, in shallow water, and in stagnant water. It's best to swim in deeper waters and rinse and dry after swimming.

A good website with information on Swimmers Itch is

june2010 054

Eastern Milk Snake in Scott's backyard June 15, 2010 Non Poisonous, found around stone foundations, eats insects, slugs, small rodents, frogs, small snakes. Good for your garden so let them go or call Scott to remove it to a better location. (Legend has it that these snakes often found around barns drank the milk from the cows....sorry only a legend)

PS There are no poisonous snakes in this area of Wisconsin but any snake can bite so don't get over excited about a snake or snake bite around here. Send Scott any interesting nature photos.

Lake Watch - Police Reports and Concerned Property Owners Comments

Kiel and surrounding communities have noted break-ins to unlocked garages and cars. None reported on the lake yet.

Contact Ken Schuler Constable at 920-629-6500 for information on suspicious activity or lake activity violations or dial 911 for emergency assistance.

Nature Watch - Send Scott any interesting nature sightings, photos for posting 


On 4/4/18, a secchi disk reading was 11 ft which is similar to last years reading. This is slightly less than usual however  we had a good water quality year last year so hopefully we'll have another.

Under ideal conditions on November 10, 2010 a new record water clarity reading of 25.1 feet of depth using the Secchi disc method occurred on Saturday May 22, 2010. A reading of 24.8 feet was made 4 in April 2015. It is anticipated that the clarity will decrease naturally during the summer as the sun promotes the plant and algae growth. These readings have been recorded over several years and can be found on the below mentioned Cedar Lake Monitoring Data Link.

As of April 4, 2018 the lake level is 1/4 inch below the invert of the outflow culvert. 2017 lake levels were unusually high and it may be the same in 2018. Slow no wake had not been implemented and it is hopeful that boaters will fast boat near the center of the lake when it gets warmer. The increased boating/wave action adds to the sediment suspension and erosion so please fast boat as far away from the shores as safe and practical. (The smaller the waves at the shoreline, the more likely your neighbors will support fast boating)

Fishermen and Fisherwomen

DNR requires a wearable life preserver on kayaks and paddle boats ( a throwable is not good enough). A $200 ticket issued by the County on 4th of July 2011 weekend drove the point home to 3 paddleboaters.

2013 jan 026

As of 4/6/16 the DNR has several fyke net traps set along the shoreline of Cedar Lake. So far some nice size Crappies and a few walleye have been netted. As always, catch and release is recommended for the walleye as they are an endangered resource on Cedar Lake and it is better to return a surviving walleye and catch many more of its offspring.

Two thousand 6-inch perch were stocked in March 2013 and two thousand 6-in walleyes in December 2014. Hopefully they will contribute to an improved fishery.

Several small Northern were caught through the ice this winter.

Any photos of catch and released fish or measurements will be posted. Contact Scott.


New High Water Control 18-inch Culvert Installation across Woodside Lane July 2009
Placed at same elevation as the old culvert per WDNR requirements.

New High Water Control 18-inch Culvert Installation across Woodside Lane July 2009
Placed at same elevation as the older existing culvert per WDNR requirements.

Culverts in action July23, 2010
Culverts in action July23, 2010