Index of Ordinances

1978-01 Snowmobile Route Ordinance

1979-01 To Require a Cash Bond For Installation Of Holding Tanks

1979-02 Establishment of a Speed Zone on Meggers Road

1979-05 Licensing of Mobile Home Parks

1980-09 Dog Ordinance

1980-11 Prohibiting Holding Tanks

1981-01 To Regulate Water Traffic…Upon the Waters of the Town of Schleswig (Amended By 83-03 & 91-02)

1982-03 Building Permit Ordinance

1983-01 Burning Ordinance

1983-02 Prohibiting Issuance of Alcohol Bev. Lic. for Non-Pmt of Taxes

1983-03 To Amend the Boating Ordinance (Amends 81-01)

1984-01 Designating a Snowmobile Route as Part of Kiel Snowmobile Club Trail

1984-02 Building Permit Ordinance

1985-01 Establishing Duties of Town Constable

1991-02 To Amend Chapter 20 Relating to Boating Regulation (Amends 81-01)

1992-03 To Prohibit the Location or Maintenance of Aerating Devices…In Waters…

1994-01 To Establish Jurisdiction & Duties of Town Constable

1996-01 Relating to Improvements to County Roadways in the Town of Schleswig

1997-01 Highway Construction Standards

1998-01 Alternative Claim Procedure for Refunds of Tax Payments in Excess…

1998-02 Same As 98-01

2000-01 Confidentiality of Income & Expenses Provided to Assessor

2000-02 To Appoint Alternate Members for Board of Review

2000-03 Enact Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Schleswig

2001-01 Mobile Home Parks: Repeal Ord. #7905, Adopt Sec. 12.06

2001-02 Amend Highway Construction Standards

2001-03 Establish Plan Commission

2001-04 Establish Interim Limitations Concerning Land Use & Development

2001-05 Adopting the Municipal Emergency Operations Plan for the Town

2004-01 Regulate & Prohibit Parking of Vehicles within the Town of Schleswig and to Establish Additional Jurisdiction of Constable

2004-02 Provide for the Prohibition & Regulation of Noise

2004-03 Provide Additional Jurisdiction & Duties of the Town Constable

2004-04 Adopt the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code for the Town of Schleswig (Amended by 2007-04)

2005-01 Public Records Ordinance

2005-02 Create Local Regulations Regarding Licenses to Sell Alcoholic Beverages

2007-1 Resolution Adopting Written Public Participation Procedures (Smart Growth)

2007-2 Amend Ordinance 2001-3 Regarding Plan Commission

2007-3 Building Permit Ordinance

2007-4 Amend Ordinance 2007-04 Adopting the Wisc UDC for the Town of Schleswig

2007-5 Ordinance to Regulate Fertilizer Usage

2008-01 To Create Section 5.01 of the Municipal Code of the Town of Schleswig (Municipal Court)

2009-01 Ordinance 2009-1 Slow, No Wake to Control Weed Distribution

2009-02 Slow, No Wake Operation of Water Craft during High Water Period

2009-03 Adopting State Traffic Regulations

2009-03AOrdinance 2009-03A

2009-04 Amending to Regulate and Prohibit Parking of Vehicles within the Town of Schleswig

2009-05 To Establish Speed Limits on Certain on Certain Roads in the Town of Schleswig

2009-06 To Adopt a Comprehensive Plan Pursuant to Wisc State Sec  66.1001 (Smart Growth)

2010-1 Driveway Ordinance

2012-1 Ordinance to Regulate & Prohibit Parking

2012-2 To Suspend Section 5.01 of the Municipal Code of Town of Schleswig (Municipal Court)

2012-3 Participation in Municipal Court (City Of Kiel)

2012-4 Extend Town Officers Term by One Week

2012-5 Merging Municipal Court with Kiel

2012-6 To Repeal Section 5.01 of the Municipal Code of the Town of Schleswig, Manitowoc County, WI and Abolish the Town of Schleswig Municipal Court

2013-1 Recycling Ordinance

2013-2 Record Retention Ordinance

2014-1 Designating ATV Routes and Regulating the Operation of ATVDesignating ATV Routes and Regulating the Operation of ATV

2015-1 Provisional Retail Licenses

2016-01 Budget Resolution 1-2016

2017-01 Driveway and Culvert Ordinance

2017-02 2017-02 An Ordinance Amending Parking Ordinance No. 2004-01

2018-01 Ordinance 2018-01 Habitation on Waters in Town of Schleswig

2019-01 2019-01 Amending Prohibition and Regulation of Noise Ord 2004-02

2021-01 Ordinance 2021-01 Slow, no wake during high water Wilke Lake

Ordinance 2022-01 Amend Noise Ordinance 2004-02 and 2019-01

Ordinance 2022-02 Clerk and Treasurer Appointment

Ordinance 2023-01 Appoint Aleternate Members for Board of Review

Ordinance Repealing Existing Ordinance and Reenacting Comprehensive Revision to Manitowoc County Code Ch. 8 (General Zoning and Land Use Regulation)

Town of Schleswig Zoning Map