Licenses & Permits

Town Clerk

Beth Pieper


Deputy Clerk

Lindsay Meyer


New applicants must include a certificate of completion of a Responsible Beverage Service class or a copy of a current operator's license held within the last two years. There is a $10.00 nonrefundable application fee due at the time of application. Applications must be approved by the Town Board which meets on the second Thursday of each month.

Application for Outdoor Sound System Permit

According to Town of Schleswig Ordinance #2004-02, "No person shall use or cause the use of a sound speaker system, sound amplifier, or other similar electronic sound amplification system or device outdoors in the Town of Schleswig without first obtaining a permit therefore from the Town Board or its designee." The fee will be $25 per day.  Click the link to download the application form, print it out, complete and submit to the Town Clerk. Please note that extensions to the time period requested on applications must be approved by the Town Board which meets on the second Thursday of each month.

Application for Outdoor Sound System Permit 06-22

Ordinance 2022-01 Amend Noise Ordinance 2004-02 and 2019-01

Burning Permits

Burning permits are issued by the Town Chairman, Supervisors and Clerk. Find their contact information under Town Contacts.

Ord. 10.05 - Burning Restricted

1. Burning Permit Required. No person shall set a fire within the town unless such person shall first obtain a burning permit from the Town Board or its designee and certify to the Town Board or its designee that any open burnings shall be contained in a fire pit or container. The Town Board shall specify the information to be included in a burning permit.

2. Exceptions to burning permit. Notwithstanding the provisions of sub. (1), no permit shall be required in the following circumstances:

a. Burning rubbish for household purposes in a barrel, trach can or other enclosed burning container, provided such container is adequately covered to prevent burning material or embers from escaping the burning container.

b. Setting a fire for purposes of warming the person or cooking food under life-threatening circumstances.

c. Setting a recreational bonfire in a fire pit or container primarily for entertainment purposes

Building Permit Information

Building Permit Administrator – Supervisor John Schwantes at 920-946-8902

Building Inspector – Paul Hermes (920) 687-0426, cell (920) 858-0102

Building permits are required for all new construction and remodeling projects expected to cost more than $500. Exterior landscaping, interior refinishing, new roofs and cabinet replacements not requiring plumbing or electrical revisions do not require permits.

The procedure to be followed to obtain a building permit is as follows:

1. Once zoning/variance issues are resolved (see Variance & Zoning link) contact Manitowoc County Planning & Parks Department at 683-4185 to obtain a Zoning/Setback Permit, and a Sanitary Permit if required. An accurate site plan will be required to obtain these permits.

2. If there is no driveway access to the property, obtain a driveway or culvert permit from the Manitowoc County Highway Department at 683-4345 if located on a county highway, or from the Town Road Superintendent (894-2483) or Town Chairman Richard Glomski (920-860-0260) if located on a town road.

3.Once the above permits are obtained, contact John Schwantes at 920-946-8902 to receive the town building permit.

4. To begin the application process, fill out the Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application:  Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application SBD5823